Politica di qualità

Our main purpose is to offer all our customers a product / service “appropriate to the required purpose”, maintaining a high level of quality in all processes involved, always satisfying the expectations and with a good value for money.


CALCHER maintains a constant effort to provide our customers an on time products / services, with required features and finishes, being very careful to identify new customers needs and to provide future solutions.


We are an organization made up of people which encourages a good relationship both professionally and personally.


For this purpose, CALCHER’s Board assumes the following basic premises:

  • To maintain, to develop and continuously improve a quality system according with the provisions of the UNE-EN ISO 9001
  • To promote from top management of the organization an approach based in risk taking into account its internal and external context which involves its environment
  • To ensure an optimum level of equipment and service, through a participatory and continuous tracking technology, adjusted to the appropriate profitability considerations.
  • To ensure that the whole staff who develop and participate in company activities, become familiar with the quality documentation and implement appropriate procedures related to their work.
  • To keep the teams in a state to ensure reliable results.
  • To establish well-defined sampling methods, documented and updated.
  • To promote an adequate level of technical expertise adequate to our needs, through the continuous strengthening and improving of knowledges of our staff.
  • To extend these practices to all technical units, all departments and all activities of the company.


Náquera, July 4th, 2017

Review 8


Enrique Segura Checa